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Wanting to offer an interpretation in a couple of words, we will claim that: food intolerance is the consequence of the flow via the digestive mucosa, also absorptive, of , not entirely digested, which in contact with the lymphatic as well as blood system cause the feedback of some elements of the body immune system

(IgA as well as IgG) which consequently create a generalized inflammatory reaction. This inflammation includes the entire microorganism and can lead to symptoms as well as modifications influencing any body organ or cells.

Macromolecules of food

Every little thing originates from what we ingest and also from the connection that this food allergy  develops with the intestinal tract mucosa, interface in between the external globe and also the microorganism, an essential area of discrimination between what is practical to the nourishment of the individual as well as what should be removed.

There are instances in which some skin swellings (hives, dermatitis, dermatitis, intolerable itching, etc.) apparently have no causing causes and also seem without option, in kids as in adults.

macromolecules-of-foodWe begin to investigate in the area of ecological as well as food irritants hoping to find among them the well-known “perpetrator”; the partnership with food is considered just if you are allergic according to one of the standard tests, or else it is excluded.

It can be an error; as a matter of fact, many forms of atopic dermatitis are known with a reason strongly connected to diet also in the lack, in the blood, of immunoglobulins. E, common of allergic reaction.Skin inflammations can originate not from an allergy but from a food intolerance, established with time and at a specific factor made visible “on the surface of the skin”.

Intolerances are additionally unfavorable

Food allergic reactions happen quickly as well as with normally intense symptoms; they food allergy  generate the manufacturing of immunoglobulins E, in charge of the practically instant as well as fierce signs and symptoms that stem from them. reactions to food substances, identified as international, but the beginning of conditions, instead of being fast, is

“postponed break out”; this is since this aggression is not regarded as an immediate threat food allergy   by the immune system which therefore generates a continuous as well as sluggish inflammation that the organism is able to endure up to a specific limitation, past which the sign manifests itself.Due to this unrealized duration, it is hard for lots of to understand and approve exactly how a skin issue, which appeared

intolerances-are-additionally-unfavorable“instantly” at a certain duration of life, can be connected to a food taken “always as well as without ever before offering problems”. A food can trigger intolerance troubles if, day after day, it crosses the intestinal tract mucosal barrier without having been appropriately damaged down right into the fundamental nutrients

(amino acids, monosaccharides, and so on); thus, ie in the form of macromolecules, it ought to pass through the digestive lumen and also be eliminated as waste.If, on the other hand, it crosses the intestinal tract obstacle, due to the fact that it is not undamaged, the body immune system identifies it as international as well as triggers a protective action versus it.

These macromolecules

Upstream there are both the absence of reliable and also ample digestive enzymatic systems, however most importantly the presence of a digestive tract mucosa that has shed its careful obstacle function and also therefore enables itself to be “erroneously” gone across by food macromolecules.

An undamaged digestive tract mucosa only passes nutrients; on the contrary, a “sieve” food allergy  mucosa enables food macromolecules to find into call with the lymphatic and blood system, setting off a reaction of the body immune system. are considered by lymphocytes (” guard” components of the body immune system) as opponents to fight, technically: antigens.

The attack by food macromolecules is generally ruled out as an instant threat by the immune system, for that reason the response is slower and is initially dose-dependent, in the feeling that to sensitize the lymphocytes to an inflammatory feedback the strike should be extended as well as substantial.

This explains the reason why food intolerances create towards foods consumed more frequently, even those that approximately that moment “have never provided problems”, at the very least in look. But why is the mucosa a “screen”? To understand the factors it is excellent to clarify that the digestive barrier is (or should be) constituted not just by a portable variety of cells, but additionally by a wide variety of resident useful bacteria.

When the microbial plants

Anything that affects the vigor and also presence of intestinal tract bacterial plants identifies the risk of locating oneself, with time, with a “filter” mucosa and establishing the threat of food intolerance. (prescription antibiotics particularly), food toxins (heavy steels, ingredients, chemicals and chemicals), stress, infections are all “toxins” that undermine the integrity of the intestinal tract obstacle starting first off from the bacterial flora.

when-the-microbial-plantsIf this is additionally come with by a “start” on the wrong foot, meaning by this the failure food allergy  or inadequate breastfeeding, the very early intro of cow’s milk or errors during discouraging, the danger of transformed digestive permeability is nearly mathematical.is limited, the pathogenic microorganisms benefit from it, whose key task is to assault the digestive mucosa.

The joints in between the cells loosen up and also the mucosa ends up being absorptive to food macromolecules that it would otherwise have denied; undigested foods and also toxins hence make their unwanted access right into the body: it is the trigger for food intolerance.

The skin-intestine partnership has actually been understood for some time: clinical investigations have discovered that in topics struggling with atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc. the intestinal tract mucosa is specifically permeable [Enhanced intestinal tract permeability in atopic eczema. J Invest Dermatol. 1986 Feb; 86 (2 ): 101-4; Tiny digestive tract leaks in the structure in skin-related disease.


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