Food intolerance


Milk cow, milk powder, cheese, butter, yogurt, lotion, ice cream, margarine, foods like and also foods processed, cereal for the first morning meal, soups, food for kids, meat processed (kind sausages ), pasta and pizza, puree of sauces, potatoes and sauces prepared, products from oven and breads, puddings and lotions, food industrial packaged, iced up.

(β -lactoglobulin, β lactalbumin as well as casein) are the most typical reason for allergic food allergy  reactions, specifically in children. All the types of milk are comparable, and also cross- respond in between them, except those of donkey and camel.

The healthy protein of the milk vaccine

So those that dislike milk cow no can use milk goat, lamb and so on. NUTS almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, walnut of cashew, walnuts pecans, walnuts of Brazil, pistachios, nuts macadamia or nuts of Queensland, and the their products. Paste (eg paste of almonds ), milk and also sauces that contain fruit to nuts, praline oils (cosmetics ), distillates, removes, flavorings

the-healthy-protein-of-the-milk-vaccine(in generally drawn out from the husk ), grains, crackers, cookies, candies, delicious chocolate, candy bars energy, gelato, cakes of breads, some cool cuts (eg sausage), drinks in the type of scents.CELERY and also celery- based items. Brews and soups ready, created frozen, sauces as well as seasonings, combinations of flavors, nuts from brew.MUSTARD as well as mustard- based items.

Mayo, barbeque sauces, anchovy paste, pickles, treated meats, sausages, salad dressings, mustard.SESAME SEEDS and sesame based products. Hummus, tahini, halvah, products from the oven, cookies, biscuits, breadsticks, cakes, muesli, dressings for salads, mix flavors, bars, food prepackaged as: noodles, soups, sausages, meats processed, hamburger plant.

Typically the sesame is an irritant hidden in food; to keep in mind that it is commonly utilized in products for celiacs.LUPINS and also lupine- based products. Typically utilized in gluten-free items; flour made from lupine, products to be baked, bread, cakes.MOLLUSCS and shellfish- based items.

The beginning of this course

Clams, mussels, oysters, scallops (bivalves ), snails, limpets (snails ), calamari and squid, octopus and cuttlefish (cephalopod ).Ultimately, we must not fail to remember the hatreds LTP (Non Specific Lipid Transfer Protein) which represent one of the main food allergic reactions in the Mediterranean countries.

the-beginning-of-this-courseThe LTP exist particularly in the fruit and also in particular in the skin of the fish, the apples, the apricots and the cherries.THE DIAGNOSIS OF FOOD ALLERGY The diagnosis of allergy food is a path complex that requires a number specialist, doctor or professional

Allergist, with details abilities.  is appointed to the Medical Medication General or Doctor of Free Selection, which play thus a duty of main significance. In the acknowledgment of the patient to be directed towards a more in- depth diagnostic procedure.

In this very first technique to the collection of the history of medical (case history) it is crucial, particularly to identify a correlation in between consumption of the food as well as the beginning of signs and symptoms.The medical history must be dealt with to specify:Characteristics of signs credited to allergic reactionPossible presence of comparable signs in dinersLatency in between food consumption and also onset of signs

Methodical reappearance of signs and symptoms with each intake of the suspect foodPerforming physical or activities sporting activity after ingesting food uncertaintyConcomitant consumption of drugs (Aspirin and also various other anti – inflammatory drugs – NSAIDs) or alcoholsAssociation with skin or respiratory system allergic reaction

Therapy done and professional action The succeeding actions of allergological diagnostics, under specialist monitoring, can be split into three succeeding degreesThe subsequent action, the analysis allergic reaction, to administration specialist, can be articulated on three levels later on, by tests skin to those serological with methodical molecular.

Numerous variables, consisting of which kind of story facility, the nature of the irritant, and also particularly the age as well as account of the client, add to the Selection iter diagnostic a lot more correct, whose definition calls for for that reason a specific experience in the industry.

In instance of persistent diagnostic

The tests analysis standardized, in vivo (prick examination) as well as artificial insemination food allergy  (examination blood or serology ), are planned to determine the allergen food supervisor. Even the analysis of the usual artificial insemination examinations, ie the dosage of

IgE specs to draw out food, requires cautious assessment medical and also medical history in order to measure the relevance clinic of any kind of positivity observed.  uncertainty, or in the pediatric area, where specific food allergies can often tend to a gradual and spontaneous resolution, it is possible to proceed to dental justification tests with food.

Due to the potential risk, this procedure is executed only in very specialized structures, by employees particularly educated to deal with any kind of adverse responses. Just afterwards has been accomplished a medical diagnosis of assurance of allergic reaction food it is ideal to exclude from the diet plan several foods.

FOOD ALLERGY AND FOOD INTOLERANCE ARE NOT THE SAME POINTFor intolerance is indicated the response irregular microorganism to a substance alien, not moderated by the system immune. can likewise be triggered by an absence of digestive enzymes, or by toxic or pharmacological systems. Amongst the intolerances food the most widespread is the intolerance to lactose, because of the inability to digest the lactose, one sugar natural that is located in the milk and in the dairy items.


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