The ingestion of gluten


Also direct exposure to substances bothersome as the smoke of cigarettes as well as the agents pollutants can advertise the recognition allergic.The direct exposure to the irritant can occur using breathing (such as for instance in the case of hatred pollens ), for ingestion (food ), using shot or for contact with the skin or the mucous membrane layers.

The signs typical of allergy are: rhinitis (itching, blockage nose, sneezing, dripping nose ), bronchial asthma (cough, difficulty breathing), conjunctivitis (scratchy and also watery eyes ), signs to fill the skin (pruritus, rash, eczema, urticaria and angioedema ), signs of intestinal (itching to wire mouth, vomiting, diarrhea, pain stomach ), edema of the glottis and also shock anaphylactic (hypotension, despair, loss of expertise ).

What are the signs of allergy?

The symptoms of the reactions sensitive IgE -moderated are generally immediate; they food allergy  generally start a few minutes to 1-2 hrs after call with the irritant. The dermatitis adverse get in touch with is instead a response allergic postponed, which has a pathogenesis different from the responses sensitive IgE mediated.

what-are-the-signs-of-allergyThe classification of allergic reactionsBreathing allergic reactionThe allergic reaction breathing is triggered by irritants inhalants: various types of pollen, epithelia of animals, mites of the dirt of your house, micofiti and also is manifested by conjunctivitis, rhinitis, coughing, asthma bronchial.Food allergic reaction

The symptoms beginning of allergy food is commonly the itching right away to the lips as well as the cord oral, that occasionally can be adhered to by symptoms of stomach, respiratory and skin and, in situations much more severe, with swelling of the epiglottis as well as shock anaphylactic.

Allergy food in the kid and the baby is usually brought on by the protein of the milk cow, while in grownups, in particular in adverse plant pollen is one of the most typical allergy to some fruits and vegetables for cross- response in between allergens existing in some pollen and also in some foods of plant beginning.The medicines that frequently cause reactions negative to type allergic are the antibiotics and the anti-inflammatory.

Hatred medications

The signs and symptoms most often remain in tons of the skin, specifically urticaria and angioedema, yet the reactions can affect additionally other body organs as well as devices, sometimes with particular seriousness.

The examination diagnostics are available only for a couple of medications, so it is important history precise to identify the medications that have actually created the response as well as established so an approach of avoidance.Hatred toxin the Hymenoptera

hatred-medicationsThe sting of the , wasp and hornet in subjects allergic can cause symptoms regional, also expanded, in the head office of the sting, but in any of the cases you may have symptoms General as the shock anaphylactic, hazardous permanently.Additionally called constitutional dermatitis, it can arise from the first months of life in some typical skin locations (in the perioral, periorbital, knees and elbows ).

In the child it can be associated with a food allergy.Dermatitis adverse speak toIt is a dermatitis eczematous (erythema, blisters and also peeling off) that is manifested a number of hours after contact with specific substances, chemicals, such as for example the nickel sulfate.

Dermatitis atopic

The materials that can create a dermatitis adverse contact they call hapten rather than irritants.Food intolerancesThe intolerance food most usual is intolerance to lactose which is constant in the populace adult.

It is caused by the absence of an enzyme, lactase, necessary for the absorption of lactose, a sugar included in milk. Intolerance to lactose is manifested by signs of digestive tract (bloating, pain in abdominal area, diarrhea) that take place after the consumption of milk or milk products.Gastric illness

The gastric condition is a reaction immunological, not of kind IgE, in the direction of the gliadin, the protein of gluten present in wheat, barley, oats and rye. The persons suffering from celiac illness have a sensitivity genetics to the illness in celiacs triggers inflammatory adjustments in the intestinal tract mucosa with subsequent digestive symptoms and also malabsorption;

The signs and symptoms occasionally are so light that the illness is detected only in age adult. The medical diagnosis of celiac illness is based on the visibility in the blood of antibodies of course A (IgA) guided towards antigens characteristic of the condition.The medical diagnosisThe diagnosis of intolerance to lactose is made by the Breath examination.

The examination consists in gauging, with a special instrument, the focus of hydrogen food allergy  airborne that is breathed out after drinking a conventional dosage of lactose. In the meantime we do not have readily available other tests confirmed to detect any type of other kinds of intolerance to foods or additives food.

An one more assessment

an-one-more-assessmentNevertheless, for the medical diagnosis of assurance it is needed to go through an food allergy esophagogastroduodenoscopy with biopsy, to validate the presence of modifications in the intestinal tract mucosa typical of celiac disease.

A mindful case history, carried out throughout a visit allergic reaction, enables all’ allergologo to orientate on feasible reasons and also determine the evidence sensitive suggested to develop the medical diagnosis.

The diagnostic suspicion of an allergy can consequently be verified by skin examinations (Puncture Examination). The prick examination enables you to examine the major irritants in a solitary session and also being an in vivo test, it replicates the actual sensitivity of the individual to the allergen.

For these reasons it is the very first test of selection for the medical diagnosis of hatred inhalants (as an example, pollen, dander animal, termites of the dust of your home) and also food. for the medical diagnosis of allergies IgE mediated is the dosage of the IgE specific to specific allergens or to private particles allergenic.


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