The intake of specific foods can create itching


Spring is upon us, the plants are beginning to sprout and also quickly the air will certainly be packed with pollen. People with allergic reactions recognize this well: they will certainly begin sprinkling, sneezing, coughing and itching. However not only. Many might also have food allergy  problems at the table because of the supposed “cross-reactivity” or cross-reactivity. “.

Cross sensitivity is a problem that materializes itself medically with the organization of two or more allergies, specified” go across allergic reactions – explains Danilo Raffaele Villalta, specialist Aaiito –  when antibodies directed to a particular irritant recognize similar allergenic particles existing in another allergenic source.

Cross responses take place

In cross responses also the courses of exposure of the irritant can be different: go across food allergy  allergies between plant pollen (inhaled irritants) and food (irritants ingested) or between latex (skin direct exposure) as well as some foods (digestive system direct exposure) are common “. “In grownups, approximately 80% of all instances of food allergic reaction – clarifies Aaiito – are preceded by sensitization to breathing allergens.

cross-responses-take-placeFor example, several foods consist of healthy protein molecules similar to those discovered food allergy  in some pollen. Actually, it is recognized that the major allergen of birch, which is a molecule of the defense system of plants, is likewise present in fruit, especially that of the

Rosaceae family (apples, pears, peaches, apricots, cherries, plums, and so on). , on the various other hand, there are particles similar to those had in termites so there may be topics with allergy to termites (allergic reaction from inhalants) as well as allergy to shellfish (from ingestion) “.

In shellfishes

“Cross-reactivity is a response that can additionally take place in between different foods – underscores Villalta – We are originally animated in the direction of a food and then responses to different types of foods, however comparable, such as fruit with fruit, dried out fruit with dried out fruit or meats of different kinds.

in-shellfishesFoods that can create a cross-allergy include fish, shellfish and meat. Commonly those who food allergy  are allergic to a fish have issues consuming all types of fish bone: for instance, those who dislike salmon also have issues with trout, carp, cod and so forth.

Generally those who are allergic to crustaceans are not allergic to a solitary shellfish particularly, but can be adverse the entire shellfish family as well as in many cases (concerning 50%) even to molluscs, mussels, cuttlefish “. ” – continues Aaiito

– differ substantially in various geographical areas as well as this is because of the kind of allergen to which the population is mainly sensitized. As an example in North Italy the cross reaction between birch as well as plant pollen is frequent, while in the South this is uncommon due to the limited existence of Betulaceae pollen, yet key sensitization to fruit linked to a molecule called

The cross responses

Lipid Transfer Protein (LTP) is regular, which is resistant to stomach juices as well as heat and also is responsible for extra severe signs and symptoms than in pollen/ fruit responses, which are normally limited to oral signs (dental sensitive syndrome).

To name a few things, in the latter instance the food can be consumed if prepared, while in food allergy  the case of sensitization to LTP it is not. Irritation, swelling and sores are the most common signs. , swelling and the look of sores on the dental mucosa but can additionally appear colds, skin, conjunctivitis and also asthma responses such as hives.

The most regular indication is the so-called “Dental Sensitive Syndrome” (SOA) which begins almost promptly, when the food is consumed and also causes itching, prickling and swelling of the lips that can include the taste buds and also tongue.  it clears on its own quickly. However, various other much more severe signs might additionally happen in some predisposed individuals that require a see to the specialist.

There are likewise various other, rarer signs that may appear at the time of intake or within about an hour of eating the food: urticaria, angioneurotic edema, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, bronchial asthma, edema of the glottis, food poisonings as well as in the worst situations of instances anaphylactic shock. No to anti-allergy diet regimens on the web.

In most cases

Not all people allergic to plant pollen always have a cross-allergy to food as well as not all foods that contain molecules homologous to those of plant pollen cause signs. For these reasons it is essential that just the professional shows, situation by instance, if/ as well as which diet regimen to follow, additionally in order to restrict the threat of dietary inequalities.

in-most-casesIndividuals with this problem, consequently, must prevent adhering to diet regimens food allergy  showed in cross-reaction tables located on the net, since they are generic tables that do not mirror what takes place in the single individual “. “In instance of start of signs – recommends Antonino Musarra, Head Of State Aaiito

– after having actually dealt with the clinical image with the treatments prescribed by your family doctor or by an emergency clinic, it is very important to rapidly contact an allergist with experience of food allergic reaction that via tests will have the ability to: Recognize the foods concerned,

Offer proper tailored suggestions, Recommend – if necessary – an emergency situation treatment set (to constantly carry with you) ample to the seriousness of the indications #Diagnosis.notes by dr.


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