This is the initial sensitization


These nutrients, if taken in big quantities, can trigger signs similar to those of allergic food allergy  reaction, but the non-immunological modality as well as the dependancy on the dose taken make this type of response comparable to food intolerances.

The pathogenetic system is connected to the launch of chemical arbitrators, included in the food allergy  upseting nutrient, capable of releasing histamine or histamine-like compounds, causing the cascade of allergies, which is in charge of the normal skin, stomach and also respiratory system manifestations.Intolerance (or allergic reaction?)

These foods have no allergenic power

To strawberries comes from this group, due to the fact that this food, like tomatoes and food allergy  also shellfish, stimulates the launch of histamine. in themselves, however they stimulate an identical response, from the symptomatological point of view, to an allergy.

These indications are managed by antihistamine therapy as well as do not create severe threats to the health of the individual, as can take place instead in the case of an actual food allergic reaction, which can reach anaphylactic shock.are skin rashes, itching, stomach discomfort and also looseness of the bowels.

Once the management of the liable food is quit, the symptoms diminish rapidly. The quantities efficient in triggering the allergy vary from one person to another, in relation to the individual predisposition, and the reaction, as in the case of intolerances, is dose reliant.Foods abundant in histamine, tyramine and also histamine-like releasing substances are likewise fermented or aged cheeses, pork liver, sausages, blue fish

(sardines, mackerel, anchovies), tuna, salmon, herring, tomatoes, spinach, fermented drinks.The focus of histamine and also tyramine is inversely proportional to the state of preservation as well as freshness of some foods, such as fish.

Other foods consisting of histamine-releasing substances are shellfish, seafood and canned foods, egg white, delicious chocolate, tomatoes, strawberries.Incidence of food

these-foods-have-no-allergenic-powerreactions.Many individuals experience negative reactions to specific foods, but true food allergies are less usual than one could assume, even though the variety of people struggling with them is regularly raising.

They primarily impact kids, with a regularity ranging from 5 to 12%, while the incidence rate amongst grownups varies from 2 to 6%. The occurrence of food intolerances is a lot greater (that to lactose reaches, in some ethnic groups, values greater than 90%).As in all sensitive types, there is a hereditary predisposition, while this does not take place for food intolerances.

Similar to respiratory system allergies, sensitization in the direction of some food allergens food allergy  can regress and also lower in time and with the growth of the person, as occurs for instance for that towards cow’s milk, while sensitization for various other nutrients, such as in the direction of fish and also crustaceans, it also continues right into their adult years.

Direct exposure phaseThe immune mechanism, which is made to shield us from infections and also hostilities from the outside, gives that the body, every single time it enters call with a protein, which it does not acknowledge as its very own, and for that reason sees it as a possible antigen, generates antibodies versus of it.

Theoretically, therefore, our body needs to react and establish antibodies versus all food proteins, which we introduce with food. This happens with microorganisms, however not with nutrients, due to the fact that the immune system recognizes food proteins as foreign however safe compounds, many thanks to a system, defined as

“resistance”, which involves the digestive tract mucosa as well as the lymphoid cells food allergy  connected with it (called GALT, Digestive tract Associated Lymphoid Tissue, which suggests Intestinal tract Associated Lymphoid Cells). Thanks to this “tolerance mechanism”, the majority of people can take any food without enduring sensitive symptoms.

When food reaches the stomach, it begins to be digested, specifically in its healthy protein fraction; the food digestion of food proteins is finished in the intestinal tract, with the release of oligopeptides and also amino acids, which are soaked up in the mucosa by the microvilli as well as utilized for the plastic as well as rebuilding feature of the cells of our microorganism.

Symptoms of pseudo-allergic reactions

It might happen that some protein pieces, not completely absorbed, for that reason with a high molecular weight, are still soaked up by the intestinal tract mucosa. If these fragments consist of a sequence of amino acids, which link with each other to form a protein chain, identified as international by our body immune system, they can cause sensitization.

That is, it occurs that our body prepares to “deal with” these substances and, if the food is food allergy  eaten a second time, this triggers the appearance of allergic indications.All this usually does not happen because, at the degree of the intestinal mucosa, there are secretory immunoglobulins A (IgA), which neutralize these healthy protein fragments, preventing them from reaching the systemic degree and activating the sensitive phenomenon.

symptoms-of-pseudo-allergic-reactionsThis system is called “tolerance”.In the presence of damages to the intestinal mucosa (in situation of acute self-limiting inflammatory gastrointestinal pathologies, infections, malabsorption), in case of inadequate digestion action of proteolytic enzymes or weakening of the immune system, these high molecular weight healthy protein fragments can escape this control

“Resistance” as well as reach a systemic degree, stimulating the immune system to produce type E immunoglobulins., which will certainly be complied with by the actual allergies, in situation of future food intake.

Pejorative factorsThere are numerous variables, dietary and also otherwise, that can disrupt the seriousness of signs connected with allergic indications. In the wintertime, the chilly stimulates the manufacturing of histamine which, along with that launched throughout allergies, creates a lot more significant signs and symptoms.

If the client is allergic to a number of antigens, the sensitive symptom will be the amount of the private allergic reactions, when several allergens exist at the same time.The incidence of food allergies is growing, especially in industrialized nations.


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