What is an allergic reaction food


The examination is operated on a sample of blood venous taken to the person and also can be carried out also in the course of therapy with antihistamines, in what the end result of food allergy the examination is not influenced by drugs.

The dose of IgE specific is shown in the existence of alterations of the skin that does not enable to do the Prick Examination and in certain cases it can be helpful to completion of the process analysis. For the diagnosis of dermatitis allergic to call you using the Patch Test.

The test is positive

In this case the individual haptens are used on the skin of the back and kept in the seat with restore to the analysis, which takes place after 48-96 hrs in what the dermatitis sensitive by call is a response allergic delayed as well as not instant. if, in the seat of application dell’ aptene, show up erythema and also edema scratchy with development of vesicles.

the-test-is-positiveThe treatmentWhen it is not possible to prevent the contact with the irritant, you might have recourse to a therapy symptomatic with medicines antiallergic, usually well endured as well as able to soothe the symptoms.The antihistamines are indicated nell’ oculorinite sensitive and urticaria.

The antihistamines most recent are well tolerated as well as most of the patients do not create sleepiness.The corticosteroids are made use of through breathing for the treatment of bronchial asthma bronchial and nasal spray for rhinitis.

The cortisones used for these solutions have just a regional activity, without systemic side effects as well as can consequently be thought about risk-free.For the treatment of dermatitis, atopic and the dermatitis adverse call you can apply on the skin ready cortisone, which are used for durations really short in order to restrict the results side.

Il medication of selection

If do not respond to the treatment area, cortisone can be provided by means of oral or by injection, under close control medical professional, given the possibility of considerable effects side sistemici. for treatment of shock anaphylactic is adrenaline, which it is offered in pharmacies also in syringes pre-measured for self-administration.

Adrenaline autoiniettabile is recommended by the doctor when it comes to previous severe reactions allergic, as can happen sometimes of hatred food and also specifically to the poison of wasps.The avoidanceThe celiac condition is a response immunological, not of kind IgE, in the direction of the gliadin, the healthy protein of gluten present in wheat, barley, oats and also rye.

The persons experiencing celiac illness have a susceptibility genetics to the illness. The food allergy  ingestion of gluten in celiacs causes inflammatory modifications in the digestive mucosa with ensuing digestive tract symptoms and also malabsorption;

The signs and symptoms sometimes are so light that the condition is diagnosed only in age adult. The medical diagnosis of celiac condition is based on the presence in the blood of antibodies of course A (IgA) routed towards antigens characteristic of the disease.The prevention of allergy is to prevent the contact with the allergen.

The avoidance is the therapy

Not constantly what is feasible, as when it comes to hatred pollen, the termites domestic or poison of wasps.of selection in instance of hatred foods, to medications, to epithelia and also dander from pets and also, when it comes to dermatitis adverse contact with substances chimiche.

the-avoidance-is-the-therapyPer hatred inhalants (plant pollens, mites house) is possible make a therapy prior with a food allergy  vaccination which contains the allergen responsible for the signs and symptoms breathing and that has an impact certain to the irritant administered.The injections are the only therapy in able to minimize the reactivity of the subject allergic to the allergen, in different ways from the drugs symptomatic that is restricted to alleviate the signs.

The injection is available via dental as well as is drawn from the patient at home, according to the dose recommended.In the case of allergy to pollen, the injection was started a couple of months prior to the start of the period of pollination and proceeded throughout the period of pollination, with dosages daily.

The cycle is duplicated for 3 years with a benefit on signs and symptoms that lasts over time even after the suspension.When it comes to allergy to the venom of wasps, the vaccination is thought about to be a lifesaver.

Foods that cause allergies

In this situation the administration is by injection and is practiced in dedicated medical facility facilities.This message was written by the experts of Humanitas Mater Domini. None of it may remain in any type of way recreated by third parties or those utilized. Day of magazine: 03/20/2015

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Exactly how to recognize and avoid the foods that trigger allergic reactionsWho has an allergic reaction or intolerance linked to particular foods need to inspect the list of active ingredients and also adjust to its power. Nevertheless, the genuine challenge frequents finding what are the foods not endured.

We disclose how to do it.According to the Association of Italian Allergies Food, 2 countless people in Italy experience allergic reactions food. The intolerance food are more regular, in fact,


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