Allergic rhinitis


You can’t mess with allergies. They originate from the most diverse sources since potentially allergenic substances are almost everywhere. Our “enemies” can hide for example in pollen, cosmetics, detergents, pet fur, perfumes and, of course, food. In the latter case, the guard must be kept very high because the risks are serious and inattention or imprudence can even lead to fatal outcomes.

Every year in Italy about 40 people lose their lives due to a food allergy. Because it doesn’t take much: a peanut could prove lethal if not recognized by the consumer, or when not properly marked on the food wrapper, or by those who sell or serve the food.
Milk and dairy products, because they must never be missing at the tableby Giulia Masoero RegisFebruary 12, 2021

Well, just to offer an extra safety guarantee, starting from January 2022 the Siaaic experts (Italian Society of Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology) will hold free online training courses dedicated to catering professionals. In 4 hours you will be taught how to prepare food in a safe way for allergy sufferers, how to recognize the signs of an allergic reaction, how to intervene in case of anaphylactic shock., breathe better with a little testMarch 29, 2021

At the end of the course, participants will receive the orange sticker “Qui Mangi Safe!” which will help the 5 million Italians with food allergies or intolerances to easily identify the authorized premises. The project, born with the name “Per Federica”, was set up by Siaaic in partnership with Eni and therefore intends to provide catering professionals with the necessary tools to guarantee users a monitored and protected consumption.

What the creators say”Eating out of the house can be a big risk for Italians with food allergies: there are about 500 thousand children and 2 million adults who must be careful not to ingest allergens that are ‘prohibited’ for them.

If this happens, even with minimal quantities, they should be encounter a serious reaction, up to anaphylactic shock, which occurs suddenly and can lead to death from cardiovascular collapse and respiratory crisis – explains Gianenrico Senna, Siaaic president. – This is what happened to Federica, the girl who gives the name of the initiative:

how much success has closely affected those who work in the company and this is why the project was born, which aims to spread essential knowledge to allow allergy sufferers to consume food and drinks outside the home with more peace of mind, being able to count on professionals informed and trained on the topic of food allergies “.


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